Tides of Yearning 

How long are you going to take, before the wounds heal? How long until you peel off the half-formed scab and pierce it anew? 

The tides come and the tides go, just as the people come and the people go. But would it be too much to ask for, just once, to hold onto a tide and never let go? 

As the question escapes my own lips in a bare whisper, I’m suddenly aware of my own childish demand. Of course you can’t hold onto a tide, wouldn’t it escape faster if you held on so tightly? And besides, would you really want to watch another slip away, bit by bit? 

As you stand there, looking out at the dull waters and the overcast skies, you realize how much you have in common with the seas. You take a deep breath, still cold and wet from the tide that slipped away, and walk into the dull water. Little by little, you disappear into a sea of death and dullness. Until another tide pulls you back to the shore. 


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