It’s in the whispers of the wind that blows through your hair,

It’s in every star that sweeps down on you in your sleep.

It’s in the endless dreams of our rambling mind,

And in every wish we wish with all our hearts.


It’s bound to our souls as it colours it with scents of memories.

It’s present in the pit of  our hellish passion,

It’s what makes us laugh until we can’t anymore,

It’s what makes us cry on our bathroom floors.


It turns us into monsters, pawing and scavenging,

It turns us into lovers, gullible and sick.

It tugs at our heartstrings as we win and lose.

And it decides the echoing melody in our heads.


It’s in the sun and moon, in the clouds and the skies,

It’s everywhere, it’s in us, it’s around us,

It is what makes us what we are.



[Featured Image Taken From Here] 


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