Amidst Coffee Stained Tears

Here we are, blaming our past for our present
We’re sitting around fires and exchanging stories that make us cry
What’s tragic is how we don’t blink, we’re never hesitant
We share these stories with new people with tears that have run dry.
We make ourselves sound like victims of some kind of war
We breathe words into stories, emotions into memories
Talking about nights that were so hard, we stayed by the door
Smoking cigarettes and making excuses for our treacheries.
We usually conclude with a smile, satisfied by the looks of horror
And quickly recover to say we’re as bright as diseased flower(s)
We preach about trust being a little game where the winner takes it all
You could lose or you could win, it’s all about the opponent, we say
But once you lose, you lose it all, faith and hope until next time
You can’t run or hide, we say, no matter what, you have to play.

Because all work and no play is not the way it works,
It’ll rope you in soon, we say again, just you wait.


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