Dear Christ University, I Cannot Fly

Dear Christ University and all your wondrous glamour, I cannot fly.

I write this as an exceptionally annoyed 2nd year BSc student of your esteemed college who is falling behind on your lovely 85% attendance idea as you were so kind to not declare a holiday when the entire city was in a state of chaos.

The bandh or strike, whatever you prefer, was declared by BMTC and KSRTC drivers who desperately want a hike in their salary and the State Government refuses to give in. And so on and so forth. While they continue their arguments and protests, the entire city’s been caught in a fix. Majestic bears a deserted look as most city institutions have declared a holiday following the State declaring a holiday. This may come off as a little surprising to you but I and all my fellow students are actually a part of this city and state.

I have lived in this city for the past twelve years and I live about 25 odd kilometers from college. My daily form of travel includes the metro and two buses. If not for two buses, I occasionally take an auto. Yes, I live far off and travelling sucks the life out of me.

On Monday, my Dad voluntarily offered to drop me and pick me up from college. That evening, it took us three hours to get home. Can you imagine what happens when there are more cabs and private cars on the road as opposed to buses to an already overcrowded traffic-infested city?

On Tuesday, or rather today, I had six hours of class which I had to happily bunk. I couldn’t possibly ask my Dad to sacrifice another meeting. With auto drivers quoting outlandish prices which I can’t possibly afford with my allowance and buses off the roads and my much dreaded horrible inability to fly, how was I to visit your fine campus on this very fine day?

Now, as it turns out, the Government and the employees still have some issues to sort out and most schools and colleges have another holiday tomorrow. Of course, I am entitled to stay home again, miss out on precious knowledge and of course, lose some more of my holy attendance.

I can’t help but point these things out to you, if someone hasn’t done it already.

  1. I understand that a huge chunk of the student population lives in SG Palya, Chick Lane, Tavarekere and surrounding areas BUT there are others and yes, we do exist. The student community grossly depends on public transport and what are all of us supposed to do? Stay home and brood over our inabilities?If the entire college is always going to run keeping those who live in a 2 km radius in mind, you could’ve just declared it as a compulsory residential college.
  2. While we understand that there are deadlines and schedules to be followed, from the student’s perspective, it almost seems as though you do not care about our safety.
  3. Not all of us can afford our own private transport, hiked auto fares or anything else that you expect. We all come from different backgrounds and it simply isn’t possible or rather, it simply should not be expected from us.
  4. When you enforce your attendance and related marks idea, will you consider our plight on days like these?

You have done this before, we have accepted it before. There have been days when you’ve expected us to pay you a visit on All-India strike days, on days that public transport had been entirely shut down and we’ve all accepted it mutely. But right now, on this fine Tuesday night, I am incredibly annoyed, as is a lot of other students and parents by your oddly clingy behaviour.

Goddamnit, Christ University, I really can’t fly.

November 2016 Update: We do actually get holidays for all strikes now, thanks Christ University! 


232 thoughts on “Dear Christ University, I Cannot Fly”

  1. I hAve been hearing from people that the author of this was dismissed from the college. Could you please Temme ether this is true? (Hopefully not so I can rub it in their face)


  2. Asinine remarks about the inability to fly,
    were made without the potential to abide,
    by the decrees formed by creed obsolete,
    yet minds were restricted just to the teeth,

    An hence threats were made to crash them by the teeth.

    What people realized is that there was no sin,
    in studying in a college full of sex and gin;
    rules were made with a reason to dissent,
    yet the clannish made life no more pleasant.

    People knew what they signed up for,
    but now its time to redo and reform,
    the sociopoliticaleconomic scenario,
    and holistic education scorned.


    1. Dear students. is high time to react to the stupidness of a few in the campus who have been putting deliberate attempts to disturb the academic culture of the university. This has been built up over a period of hard work by the management ofcourse with the cooperation of majority of students and faculty.If christ university is placed very high among all educational institutions the value system and academic ambience of the university is one of the main reasons.This is also one of the reasons why parents to prefer their children in a campus like christ.When the students come for admissions all the rules are clearly communicated to them and it is their choice to agree and opt for it..
      I had been to bgr campus yesterday and spent close to 3 hrs to understand whether anything differently happening there.I found students very relaxed and also a few with un shaved faces, half rolled sleeves , engaged in chatting and eating in the canteen during class hours.All these were contrary to what has been said to me by a few students.
      Ofcourse as you are posting there has been issues of security guards interfering more than required in the students personal space . Management has realised this and ensure that such cases will be avoided in future .
      Regarding the evaluation criteria it has been clearly stated in the ugc regulations for deemed universities that the management has complete freedom to decide on this subject to the approval of academic council and board of management. I can produce this document when we meet next time

      Faculty instigating the students is no way acceptable. If any faculty can’t cope up with the university regulations it is his or her choice to continue.This rule us not an exemption for christ .Every employer except this.In the month of august 2015 i was involved in the induction of all new faculty members who joined in the academic year 2015.Mr tejas was a part of it and all these points were discussed .


      1. “Stupidness of a few in campus”… you went to BGR campus and saw nothing wrong…I am sorry, but how daft are you? Do you know why most of the disgruntlement is heard on the internet? Because of the culture of “discipline” (*read* fear) you have inculcated. Ask for anonymous recommendations if you want to hear real opinions and suggestions. No one is going to tell anyone in management the truth to their face. That’s like giving the Spanish inquisitor direct reason to break you at the wheel.

        Also, I have to point out:

        “Academic culture” …. You don’t know the meaning of the words. Feel free to point out one good piece of academic work printed in an important journal by a Christ “University” professor or student. Feel free to point out one good alumni that went on to become a relevant figure in the subject he/she studied at in Christ. Have you ever opened your own Christ journals and bothered reading it end-to-end ? Take your management or travel and tourism journal. Take your MBA thesis. Tell me by which academic culture standards would those be considered high. They don’t know their p-values from their t-values or even the acceptable standards of a regression model (if they know what regression is to begin with).

        Lets face facts here. Christ does not have an “academic culture” anymore so than a random private school has “academic culture”. Dont gimme some shambolic TOI survey as a retort. I spent years in this institution. I know it better than any TOI survey. Real academic culture is in places like DU and Presidency, Kolkata. Universities that have nothing to do with Christ’s nonsensical rules or management practices. Where students are actually free to express and criticize themselves and the world around them.

        This is not the first time Christ management has been brought to the limelight. Everyone saw the email that was sent by the law faculty member of that resigned last year. The word he used to describe you lot was Orwell’s “Big Brother’ and the “prize morons (and) petty dictators… who use student money to visit Netherlands every year without a shred of European enlightenment to take back.”

        During the next mass, why dont you do some actual self reflection for a change and stop believing your own hype.


  3. Dear parents/students/well-wishers.every law has its holdings.there r peopin Christ who can understand us.they have not dragged us into their college.we wanted our children to be there we have promised to abide by rules.then shall I address the well-wishers,,,, please respect the institution’s reputation n give your written petition.they will surely see to it


  4. Are They are conducting classes for their sake?, it’s for our learning purpose right? won’t you think about the institution which only gets money without conducting proper classes and having sufficient teaching faculty. Many guys are doesn’t using the available resources in or university, which is still being in a high places for students of backward community


      1. Stupid I studied in regional language till my +12 you mean 2nd PUC. And I feel good that still I can make u to understand my thoughts


  5. Why Dont you all write down your roll numbers and names , and then comment?
    You all want to be the so called revolutionaries right, face the management with your identity, or hold your peace.


    1. Rightly said.. !!!

      These chunks of mass don’t have the guts to do that..

      Any Tom, dick or Harry can post on such blog and yap about their “guts”…

      Come face the authority, your guts will go down the drain…

      Thank you.


      1. Zac you continue to make no sense. All you do is blatently suck up to the university and defend them for everything. No actual arguments.

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        1. Christopher, there’s no need of any arguments for ranters like you’ll.

          And just that you rank me that I don’t make any sense doesn’t put you in a wise position.

          You’re a ranter and that’s all there is to it.

          Anyways you’ve given your Id number and name, why don’t you just directly take this up with the authorities. They’ll give you a good arguement.

          Thank you.


        2. Zac I am ex Christine, I have attended college on a day which was declared a national bandh against my parents wishes. Protesters entered the campus and we stones were thrown. This being covered on national television scared the guts out of my parents.Also I ended up paying Rs 500 for a 7km ride back home. All the blogger is talking about is the problems we mortals face.I absolutely agree, nothing wrong in voicing out her/his opinion,well voicing out the opinion a major chunk of the student population. And it’s her choice to be anonymous. So just stop all the ranting and let people live

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      2. I recently passed out of the college, Christ Junior College to be exact, though I may not be technically a Christite as most of my fellow university friends use to say, I totally agree with the blogger, firstly because he is absolutely right, when even premier institutions such as IITs, VIT and BITs have compulsory attendance percentages as low as 75℅ (which is also the minimum required ℅ prescribed by Karnataka PUC) I had to keep my attendance percentages at 90℅ or else face the wrath of the management, even genuine health reasons were not excused (this fact was experienced rather harshly by a friend of mine who after his heart surgery couldn’t attend class for 3 weeks), in fact another friend of mine was personally called and told to come to class or face actions after he got into a car accident and SAW HIS BEST FRIEND DIE IN FRONT OF HIM. My present institution VIT has a compulsory attendance ℅ of 75℅ but if you are 9 CGPA student or higher you have no need for attended whatsoever. Period. Christ university should look around and take notice of other universities and start changing their age old ways or risk slowly losing their good name and slowly fade out altogether as students start understanding that it is not just old prestigious but also a continuous will to change for the better that define institutions. I regret ever joining Christ, I will always consider the two years I spent there to be the most horrible years of my academic life, I regret not doing enough research about the college before I joined, I wish this post will help atleast one student to understand what it actually means to be a Christite and help them make an educated decision on whether to join the institution (or should I say prison) or not. Most of you university students who read this will argue it’s not that bad but trust me you guys have a lot more freedom than the PUC students, so before you lash out please talk to a few of them before you comment under this.


    2. Whoa…its not you are talking with your true identity!….besides y do yu need our identity info? dismiss us too like u did to that professor at bannarghatta campus for voicing his opinions ??

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    3. Listen dodos, ( iamright and zac sawyer)
      I think you’re missing the point here( and it’s obvious that you’re part of the “appointed” student body council or in the faculty), the very reason there are blogs and students voicing their concerns is because the management just won’t listen. Just imagine the vendetta and spite that will follow if the students had to follow your advice.
      I pity the professor who stood up for the students and got chucked out. The management says that he resigned on his own, ya we’ll believe the same way we believe that the Politicians are honest and uncorrupt.
      So are you supporting an unfair practice of stifling the opinions and grievances rather than hearing them out and being fair.
      Grow up and mature,!


      1. “Resigned on his own” was a hilarious comment by the pro-VC.

        Isn’t lying a sin somewhere in the bible ?

        Did this clown not have 85% attendance in his bible studies class ? Or maybe he had 100% attendance and showing up has no correlation with doing well. Either way, the more they talk, the more we see what a shallow, conniving, and disingenuous bunch they are.


  6. /Start Rant

    I remember the good ol’ days a few years ago when BJP workers came charging into the campus after Christ refused to shut down. They shut down pretty quickly after that.

    Despite Srimonti Guha’s bravado, if those protestors decided to go Babri Masjid on the campus and dismantle it brick by brick not a single alumni would stand in their way. No one likes Christ enough to stick their neck out for it. How lame would that epitaph be that said , “Here lies Joby. Died protecting a sub-standard research institution.”

    Christ is a bureaucratic hell hole. The virgins in-charge are totally disconnected from the professors who are in turn disconnected from the students. If that isn’t bad enough they have done a good job dismantling unions (professor, student and parent) in order to ensure they can get away with the most arbitrary bullshit. The biggest BS is Christ teaching you “discipline” with its strict rules.

    Here’s the dirty secret though – that strict rule is contrived in order to force people into attending classes, seminars, events etc. that really add no value to your life whatsoever. Mostly, it is to make the professors feel they are competent at their job because they are seeing a filled up class. Just for 1 week, let Christ announce there will be no attendance but classes will happen regularly. I can guarantee you that the good professors will still see most (if not all) of their students attend the classes and the bad ones wont see a single person. Instead of forcing us to fill out a stupid evaluation form that barely carries any weight (ever wondered why that crappy professor *looking at you Mallika, Gnana and George* has been around for years?) at the end of the semester just conduct this experiment.

    Christ does teach you one important lesson about life though. Just because you can voice your opinion does not mean you AREN’T powerless. Christ is a private fiefdom free to do as it likes when it likes with its rules. Don’t ask for fairness. Don’t ask for justice. Don’t ask for logic. Bite your lip and move on. Christ is never worth the trouble and it is NEVER worth fighting for.
    Weigh your pros and cons of taking an auto vs paying a fine and live to fight another day.

    /End Rant

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