Chase the Universe


When the darkness comes to shroud you, it’s alright to cry. It’s alright to cling on to pieces of yourself and howl and refuse to let go. After your body stops convulsing from the pain, look up and you will see a sky full of stars in the dark skies. Then the skies will rain on you, let them cover you with shades of memories, let the colours of the wind blow your hair aside and let the ground tremble with emotions. Feel yourself getting hoisted into the air, surrounded by the fireworks of pain igniting itself and dying out again. This is the universe, this magnificent sight of beautiful colours that surround you for as far as you can see. You will stare in amazement as you see the colours rapidly change and as you hear the winds howl in varying patterns. The bright orbs of light will constantly pass you, occasionally touching your skin and you’ll crane your neck to see how high they go. As all these hues combine together to give you one great last show, you will see things that will leave you gaping. And suddenly, among all the chaos of colourful rubble, you will feel complete. And just as it left, the darkness comes back, leaving you breathless.

You see that?

That was the Universe, that was You.

Stop waiting to leave that baggage behind and explore the Universe endlessly instead.


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