Who are you to say?

This post has no topic, I have no words of worldly wisdom to share with you nor do I have any substantial examples for you to understand and learn whatever people learn from posts and their apparently wonderful insights to a world which isn’t exactly that old.

I write because I want to write. I write because I have the power of writing and the basic knowledge of the English alphabets.

What I write and what I don’t write, who are you to judge? I could write about my nose, let’s say, I could write about it being a brown hue and that occasionally, when emotions are evoked and during certain girly moments in a month, it occasionally turns red. And then I could write about your nose. Hell, I could even write about Rudolph’s nose. Who are you to say?

But I suppose it is expected of me, as an average wannabe reckless teenager that I be filled with hilarious ideas of the world and all its sad contents.

If you came here looking for something like that, I’m sorry. I’m just like you and everybody else, I possess no excessive qualities which you or your friend don’t possess. Let it help you sleep at night, the very fact that you’re not exactly alone and that we’re all unique. Let that sink in, we’re all unique.

Coming back to the point of this pointless post, I am truly writing because my Boards have started from today and that writing utter nonsense and knowing that someone out there might actually appreciate my rambling which primarily consists of gibberish helps me cool off the rising panic I feel in my chest every goddamn time I breathe. (Currently, I worry that while I write this, I could’ve helped my brain embrace a few more concepts of Practical Chemistry.)

But oh, well. I write because I can write and that rambling is alright, at this point. I must be going absolutely crazy, blame the tainted Boards.

Or you know what? Who am I kidding? I possibly am nuts. It is not expected of you to put up with my nutty self which I so carefully have crafted.

Run along, dear reader and disclose to none of the careless things I have consistently stated. Run along and perhaps it is time I give up on ‘yolo’ and return to help my brain embrace things I’m not sure even exist.


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