You’ve never touched my inner demons because they’re carefully locked away in the deepest and darkest corners of my colourful soul. No one will truly ever know me, I’m a passerby to you, to your neighbor and to every odd person, completely unaware of the damage I am capable of unleashing, the ripples of which shall reach the farthest corners of the unknown world and in its aftermath, I shall rise and every human, will truly understand what it’s like to stay locked away for so long. Because it is only then that I shall break free from these short chains of society, I shall become a superpower, equipped to break not just free but to break those chains. People shall remember me for changing the world, by unleashing the largest threat to mankind, the only thing one and all fear, from a child to a priest, everybody truly fears one thing. And when I’m finally done and after the darkness has covered all of mankind’s souls, only then will you realize why raging storms are named after people.


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