Sappy XII Sci Post #3: The Black Bata Shoe

Well, I will admit, this idea was not greatly timed, in terms of the looming Board exams. And while my mother has almost denied all access to the internet, this blog remains barren.

But since I’ve managed to sneak my phone for a bit, let me tell you the story of the time Saarah Asad pushed Mother Paul down a building and saved her shoe.

Before that, Mother Paul (Gabriella Paul or Gaby) was christened by me on one of those panicking-the-night-before-the-exam group chats. It really was no big deal, she continued to calm everybody and it seemed like an apt thing to call her at the time. But somehow, the name stuck on and we continue to seek her blessings every now and then (the wonderful holy things you learn in a Catholic convent run by nuns).

Anyway, nobody knows what really happened but Saar came running to class with a shoe in her hand, screaming hysterically that Mother Paul had jumped off the building.

“Really, Saar? What’d you do about it?”, we asked.
“I saved her shoe.”, she said, smiling and holding up the black Bata shoe. What made it funnier, was how proud she seriously was of performing this heroic task.


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