Sappy XII Sci Post #2: Chemistry Lab.

As Science students, I think one of the coolest places we hang out in is the Chem lab. Call me a creep or whatever you like, but there’s something about that place which makes us feel like legit scientists or as if we were attending Potions in Hogwarts.

There have been occasional moments where we’ve also felt like bakers, more than anything else. Especially the time we were expected to extract the egg white and perform experiments on it. That also was the same day we boiled an egg in the Chem lab.

It really was strange how excited the entire class was, looking at the egg boiling in the beaker. While the entire event was led by Jemima, everybody gathered around and gave all sorts of ideas. Finally, after it had boiled and we’d taken off the shell, Jemima held it up like a trophy, with the rest of us in hot pursuit and marched all over the building, looking for teachers to show it off to. Finally, we showed it off to the Arts and Commerce peeps, “Ha, our lives are cooler than YOUR lives.”

And then we returned to class and ate it.

Don’t judge, it made us exceptionally happy somehow.

And as a cliché to stories of Chem labs, Disha Khanted lit a whole rack of reagents on fire once.

Now, I’ll be honest, with no Ms. Joshi in class and everybody’s panicked expressions, I was kind of enjoying the chaos. It was funnier when Paloma did a full sprint and screamed and attempted dousing the fire with a lab coat. I mean, I know it was damn heroic and all that but it was just too comical, most of us couldn’t stop laughing.

But let it suffice everybody to know that the Chem lab, along with that odd picture frame of the Pope waving at us, singlehandedly contains a lot of memories. Whether it’s those horrendous burns or apparatus breaking (or having a hole in my tie), the Chem lab is one of the coolest places to be in.

(And not to forget, Scarface. :3)


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