Sappy XII Sci Post #1: The Big Fat Orange

So this one time, a pigeon flew into our class. The class had an uproar, our Maths teacher jumped and dropped her chalk and one girl sobbed. I think it’s suffice to say that this girl is going places.

Fats or Fatty, as we call her, is not at all fat. Not in the least bit, actually. In fact, this is what she looks like:

But the point here isn’t about the misnomer. It’s more to do with her wonderful intelligence and her absurd fear of oranges. Yes, she’s afraid of oranges. nobody knows how or why, I bet she doesn’t either but chasing her with an orange peel for the last two years has been a gala thing to do, speaking on behalf of the rest of my classmates. Fats will shriek and jump and run away and if done for a long enough time, she’ll cry.

And lastly, ‘Twas the night before our Physics paper:




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