Being Fat.

So the other day, someone commented on my dressing sense and said “You should take more care.”

My problem isn’t exactly my dressing “sense” as such. I’m well-aware of what to wear with what. If you’re wearing a pair of printed palazzos, wear a plain tank top with a contrasting colour and either wear fancy heels or gorgeous flats. I’m also aware of the fact that crop tops are the latest trend and during this festive season, people are teaming it up with saris as well (Okay, I may have quoted this from Times Life). I know that it isn’t right to wear dark lipstick with heavy eye makeup. It ruins the concept of a “focal point” or something of that sort. And I have enough sense to judge all the celebrities during all the absurd award functions, whether it’s the Oscars or the Filmfare Awards.

See? I’m not that bad.
Maybe I’m not somebody you should come to for fashion advice but hey, I know enough to be called a girl.

But that’s not so much the problem, the problem is being fat. And insecure.
When you’re relatively overweight, you’re insecure about everything. Starting from your thighs to your arms and you start checking regularly for a double chin. Your outfits are now limited to things that you think will make you look thin and shopping is a horrendous affair ’cause you just don’t seem to look thin in anything. And sometimes, in extreme cases, you can’t find your size. I’m pretty sure every healthy girl or guy has looked on at other people, marveling at their slender frames and wishing to be just like them. A girl’s probably looked at a beautiful dress in a shop window and cried herself to sleep ’cause she can’t wear it. A guy’s probably overworking himself in the gym to develop some visible abs. They’re conscious about themselves, they shy away from parties and anything that requires dressing up and looking good. They’re insecure, insecure that someone’s judging them or talking behind their “fat backs”.

For many of you reading this, you’re probably thin and you can probably wear whatever you want and know you’ll look gorgeous anyway. But there are some people out there, hating their bodies and wishing they were someone else.

For all those people, stop it. Stop wanting to be someone you’re not. Love yourself, if you won’t stand up for yourself, who will? It isn’t a crime, you know, no one said we have to look the same. So what if you can’t wear a bikini? So what if you’re not “hot”? We’re all good at something, just find what you’re meant to do. Change the world, if you must. But don’t let it change you. You’re beautiful, with all that extra flab. Stop enforcing diets on yourself, stop with the torture, go eat a bar of chocolate, you get one life. If you’re fat, well, it’s okay. And for some of you teenagers who think that nobody will ever “fall in love” with you for being fat, it isn’t “true love” if they like you only for your body. So just wake up already, go out and have some fun. And you know what? You look just fine in whatever you’re wearing.


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