Does that sound familiar to you?

Just a while ago, I found a lot of my old things. Lots of old photos, trinkets, medals, badges and other miscellaneous items which probably have almost no monetary value. But it has the power to remind me of tons and tons of memories, and is definitely far more expensive than anything money can buy.

More than the memories, it’s the power to remind me of somebody or of a certain feeling and time. Along with all those warm memories flooding my brain, I also felt a certain sinking feeling. In seventeen years of my life, I’ve grown close to a lot of people. But how many people are still around? Or rather, how many of them have I kept around?

The thought did strike home. Along with the realization that a person can live without someone who they once thought was the beginning and end to everything. It’s interesting, on so many different levels, really.

But in all honesty, I could have all the realizations in the world but the feeling of sadness that comes over me when I find an old handmade card from someone I don’t even talk to anymore is hard to shake off. Of course, nothing besides being in different schools/colleges has happened. I suppose people just…drift apart.

You’re texting someone all day and night now? Chances are, that in a few years or months, you won’t even talk to the same person anymore. When you reread old conversations, everything will seem foreign to you – the tone, the words and all the stuff inbetween.

Oh, so you two are “total besties”? Please tell me more when you forget each other when you graduate from High School.

Things change. Situations change. And people change.

Of course, change is good sometimes.

But what about all those old friends and all those glorious memories? Do you move on and make new ones or do you try and reconnect?


(Do forgive the relative negative tone of this entry. Retrospect is an enemy to man.)


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