The Revolution: Pyjamas at Parties


As a 17-year-old growing up in a fast-paced city, I’m cursed with numerous insecurities. The things adults say about “Don’t care what others think of you, be yourself and be happy.”? Yeah, well, teenagers don’t work that easily. We seek for acceptance from our peers in whatever we’re doing. We’re usually afraid of standing out ’cause we’re afraid of judgement.

Having said that, how many of you are subjected to parties where you’re expected to wear fancy and pathetically short things? And heels? And although you tried really hard, you hair just refuses to look gorgeous or whatever the hell it’s supposed to look like?

More than having fun, we end up depressed half the time. The fancy drinking and all that wannabe sophisticated talk is not easy for everyone to keep up with. Of course, there are those people – naturally pretty, boys call them ‘hot’ and they’re blessed with everything from a flat stomach to a photogenic face and they have a lot of people wishing to be just like them.

I used to be that. Wishing to be somebody I’m not. But hey, it’s okay. The idea I’m going to propose in the next several lines will shock some of you. You probably will consider it as stupid and impossible.

What if in the next horrendous party you’re required to attend, you land up in your pink PJs, a baggy T-shirt and a pair of fluffy slippers with your hair in a messy bun? You will attract all the attention, that’s guaranteed. But will people make fun of you?

Now that’s an answer that requires some practical experimenting. Imagine all those people around you, in the standard attire- short shorts, skirts or dresses. Some tight, some flowy. Sleeveless or tanks or tubes. High heels. Shaved arms and legs. Fancy hair. And all that makeup.

Imagine yourself in the middle of it all, being yourself. And being the revolution and giving hope to all those people who were too insecure about themselves to even make it to that party.

It could be the next style statement, for all you know. It could backfire, as well. But there’s only one way of knowing, right? Personally, I’m excited to try this out as soon as possible. When I finally do, I promise to write about it in here.

As tempting as it sounds to me, I will admit that it seems scary. But being brave is cool, and being the change of something? Even better.

I’m pretty sure some of you will argue about how parties are meant for all that, how we’re supposed to dress up for parties. I agree to that, honestly. But the original purpose of a party has long disappeared. It started out by being an event to enjoy and socialize with friends, to have a “good” time. Sadly, it’s reached a point where people are insanely uncomfortable and are trying really hard to be like everybody else. Why do something we don’t enjoy?

Some sort of credits: Trina Gupta.


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