12 Ways To Get Over A Book Hangover


Just finished reading an awesome book for four hours straight and you don’t know what to do with your life anymore? Well, here are a few suggestions:

1. Do NOT update statuses about the book on every social media site with a lot heart signs and emoticons. (I don’t even want to get started with the hashtags.) This may seem like a solution to you but trust me, it’s not.

2. If you’re a bookworm to an extent where you don’t exactly feel the symptoms of a hangover, do everyone a favor and GO OUT.

3. If the book’s been made into a movie, watch it immediately. And also, make it a point to yell out all the flaws. You’ll feel enraged, if you loved the book that much. And it’ll be one of the most entertaining things you’ve done in a while.

4. If the book has a sequel, read it. And if it has a sequel which is still yet to release, make sure you line up outside the store all night to get your hands on the first copy. It’d be even better if you could attend the book release.

5. If you’re a writer or an artist, you could attempt some FanFic or Fan Art.

6. If it’s a new author, follow her/him on Twitter immediately.

7. If the author lives close by or in the same city as you, it’s probably a good idea to NOT stalk her/him. The police mostly won’t listen to your claims of “love” for the book or in extreme cases, the author herself/himself.

8. Do not automatically classify the book as a ‘Classic’. A book becomes a classic only if it’s remembered and read even after fifty years. (But of course, in some cases like ‘New Moon’, it’ll probably never be a classic. And for better reasons too.)

9. Attempt the quiz of the book on QuizUp until you beat the world and reach Level 999999999. (Ha! Beat that, you QuizUp losers!)


However, if you’ve just finished reading a horrible book, here’s what you should do:


1. Sell the book, if you own it. (If you live in Bangalore, visit Blossoms immediately and get rid of the disgraceful item.)
Burning the book is a bit too extreme, in my opinion. It contributes to global warming so no matter how much you hate the book, please refrain from doing so.

2. Throw dirty looks at whoever says that they “loved” the book. If you’re feeling up for it, you could even wage a full-scale debate. (Also, for all those ingenious people out there trying to make kids debate on whether Twilight or Harry Potter is better, they’re absolutely different things, almost like apples and oranges.So you should probably read the books before you randomly set topics.)

3. To save yourself from anymore mental traumas and disabilities, reread your all-time favorite book(s). It’s probably a safer idea to not attempt another new book. (Cause of death: An overdose of bad bibliophily)



Well, that’s all I can think of for the time being. So if you’ll have some more suggestions, leave it in the comments!

Also, this topic idea was suggested by Rusha Gupta. (You’re the best. Love you.)


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